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Fall of 2016 was a pretty memorable time for fans of sports anime as the 3rd season of Haikyuu!!, Yuri on Ice, and All Out came out at the same time. This article is strictly for fans who enjoy realistic sports animations and dramas, people who appreciate team dynamics and camaraderie, and also character development with each character’s journey to their goals.


HAIKYUU!! Season 5: Release Date And Plot - OtakuKart

Undoubtedly the most successful sports anime to ever exist, Haikyuu!! Tells the story of young Shouyou as he rises to become one of the best volleyball spikers despite the shortcoming as big as his 5 ft. height. The way he does not let his height be a weakness and goes on to play some of the strongest teams in Tokyo along with his teammates in Karasuno High after years of not being under anyone’s consideration is not only a thrill but also very emotional to watch. Plus the uniqueness of every player from almost every opponent that they play, and the friendship, trust, and loyalty among them despite being in different school years combined with the humor, is what makes the show truly unique and lovable. 


Chihayafuru: ecco trailer e data d'uscita della stagione 3

If you miss out on this show because it was originally meant for older women, as it is a josei manga, then you will be doing a grave mistake. It may take a while for people outside Japan to understand the game because this anime is based on a purely Japanese traditional card game: Karuta. It is not just the character development of the protagonists and the side characters that make the show so gut-wrenchingly beautiful, but the concept of finding your dream and chasing it no matter how unrealistic it may seem to others, finding yourself and pushing your limits, made many young adults ponder on their selves and think what their dream could be.

Yuri!! On Ice

Yuri On Ice Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Plot | Den of Geek

When this first came out, the viewers immediately knew how special this anime was. This is the first anime that covers homosexuality in a way that is vastly different from the yaoi and ecchi genre. This refreshing depiction received a ton of appreciation worldwide. The story is based on an awkward Yuri’s journey to becoming a figure skater under his trainer, Viktor.  The personality of the characters, the way the sports is animated and his journey keeps the audience on the edge of their seats till the final moments of the show.

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk (Anime TV 1993 - 1996)

 Hanamichi joins the Shohoku High basketball team to get close to Haruko, who is the club captain’s sister, but soon he ends up getting attached to the game. This anime is considered to be the pioneer of sports anime from the 90s. This was one of those image that set the standard for the traditional isekai, full of valuable morals of life such as creating friendships, loyalty, trust, and most importantly, never giving up despite the hardships.


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Just like Haikyuu!!, the relationship between the characters is one of the most important selling points. The anime became popular due to its fanservice, so its main target was young girls who love to see boys glitter in the water. However, it came as a happy surprise when it started gaining a fandom outside of the fanservice, who genuinely enjoyed the swimming series. Soon enough, Kyoto Animation made a short film along with several continuing seasons of the series.

Ace of Diamonds

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Primarily based on the rivalry between the two baseball pitchers of Seidou High who have very different play styles, both strive to stand on the mound as their school’s ace. Baseball being a popular favorite game in Japan explains why the anime has over 100 episodes and spawns through multiple generations of teams making it a very wholehearted series to watch. Despite the main protagonist going into the shadows for considerable parts of the enemy at different points of time, the side characters are also strong enough to keep you hooked to the anime.

Hajime no Ippo

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One of the best boxing anime ever created in Japan, it is said to be the successor to Tomorrow’s Joe and the inspiration behind the popular Megalo Box. The journey of the main protagonist going from a timid person who is bullied to a ferocious boxer, calling it an underdog story does not do it enough justice. Plus, the comedic genius of Mamoru Takamura makes it even more lovable. The series has been continuing since 1989 and needless to say, countless fans grew up with it, so the franchise now even has its own video games!

Kuroko’s Basketball

Kuroko’s Basketball anime coming to Netflix on Jan. 15 • l!fe • The Philippine Star

 The fact that the authors of Kuroko’s Basketball and Haikyuu! happen to be best buds is very understandable because both the shows grew to become extremely popular all over the world. The fast pace of the anime makes it very easy to go through 75 episodes that ran from 2012 to 2015 in a night of binge-watching with severe adrenaline rushes anytime a favorite team gets their victory. Like all the other anime mentioned above, this one too is not a people-pleasing one, so the “good people win” does not apply here either. The successes and failures make it all the more real and rewarding for the audience and the characters.

Ping Pong

Top 10 Sports anime

It was a surprise when the legendary Masaaki Yuasa picked up a sports anime to animate, and boy, thank goodness he did. With an art style unique to the sports anime genre, the series also looks a lot at what happens to the players who fail to get their victory which has probably never been explored before. It does not have fanservice and takes a lot of risks as some objects are even drawn in a not-so-perfect manner. But this table tennis based anime only gets better and better as the story develops and the dry humor never goes wrong.

All Out

Descargar All Out!! - HD 1080p por MEGA - Japan Paw!

If you thought this article would not mention a football anime then you are wrong. Just like fans obsessed with UEFA Champions League, the protagonist of this show is Kenji who is obsessed with football. Like most sports anime, it sets out to be the story of a football player struggling to be the best while facing a lot of hurdles that come his way. However, every character is the strongest point of the story and not just the protagonist’s journey. All in all, a pretty memorable anime to watch despite some fans being disappointed in the portrayal of the sport.

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