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Kimetsu No Yaiba: Twelve Kizuki Explained

With Demon Slayer’s Season 3 coming to an end this Sunday, it is about time you knew all of Muzan’s Moons thoroughly. Muzan is the Demon King who built the Twelve Kizuki organization, which has the twelve strongest demons in the KNY universe. Each of them have been given a large amount of Muzan’s blood, which increase their demon powers by ten-fold allowing them to do Blood Demon Arts. This is why it came as a surprise when Nezuko was able to perform a very unique and powerful Blood Demon Art. They are given 3 tasks by Muzan: to find the rare Spider Lily that would give Muzan the ability to walk through sunlight, to kill Nezuko as she can walk through sunlight and lastly, the destruction of the Demon Slayer Corps.

The Twelve Kizuki is divided into two groups, 6 Lower Ranks and 6 Upper Ranks, with 6 being the weakest and 1 being the strongest. The Upper Ranks despise the Lower Ranks as there is a huge strength difference between the two; it has been said many times that the Lower Ranks have been replaced countless times after being killed by the Hashira, and yet Upper Moon 6 (Daki and Gyutaaro) is the first to get killed for the first time in a 100 years.

Lower Rank Moons:

1. Enmu

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Sadistic in nature, he enjoys inflicting pain on human beings by giving them a happy dream before turning into a nightmare. As a human being, since his childhood, he was unable to distinguish between dreams and reality. When he became an adult even though he was not a doctor, he misused things like hypnotic therapies to convince people who were about to die that they had recovered their health. He kept running this horrible scam over and over again until ultimately Muzan devoured him one night. Enmu was not supposed to become a demon at first but because he felt no pain from the fatal wounds caused by Muzan, he was turned into a demon.

2. Rokuro

Demon Slayer Manga: The Twelve Kizuki and Their Abilities Explained - OtakuKart

Like the other Lower Ranks, he feared Muzan greatly. When Muzan was killing off all the Lower Moons, he was visibly terrified and got on his knees to beg Muzan to give him more blood so that he would be able to fulfill all of Muzan’s wishes. Very little is known about his abilities as we only see him in the Infinity Castle, but it can be assumed that he was stronger than the remaining 4 and his abilities were second only to Enmu.

3. Wakuraba

鬼滅の刃 | 十二鬼月・下弦の鬼一覧 | Twelve Kizuki Lower Ranks

As one of the Lower Ranks, he also received a huge quantity of Muzan’s blood. He’s also seen for the first and last time in the Infinity Castle, where his attempts to escape show that he possesses great physical speed and agility but not much regenerative cells capacity because he was unable to regrow his decapitated body parts when Muzan destroyed him.

4. Mukago

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Out of all the Lower Moons, she was shown to be the most cowardly. She never had any intention of battling the Demon Slayer Corps and had, on countless occasions, fled at the mere mention of a Hashira, despite having superior powers than the last 2 Lower Moons.

5. Rui

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He is the primary antagonist in the  Natagumo Mountain Arc. As a human, he was a frail and sick child to the point that even the act of breathing was difficult for him. One night, Muzan approached him saying he would save him by converting him into a demon. Initially his parents were overjoyed but soon they discovered that Rui had turned into a monster, so they attempted to kill him. Rui felt betrayed and ended up killing both his parents, thinking that his real parents would have accepted him for who he was. Encouraged by Muzan, he simply went ahead and built up a new family with a new brother, sister, mother and father – all demons. His spider-thread manipulation demonic capabilities are shown to be as strong as the power of Lower Moon 1 and 2, as we see him demonstrate his extremely powerful Blood Demon Art in his fight against Tanjiro. Rui has the power to perform cell manipulation where he can change the physical appearance of other demons that consume his blood and thus, power distribution as well.

6. Kamanue

Kamanue - Sei Calante |

Weakest of all the Moons, this position gets frequently replaced. Kamanue, who was killed off by Muzan, was the latest member as he replaced Kyogai. With the little screen time that he got, he always wore a scared expression, maybe because he felt weak and nervous around the other moons. He was also seen for the first and last time during the Rehabilitation Training Arc.

Upper Rank Moons:

1. Kokushibo

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After Muzan, he is the strongest antagonist in the series, and twin brother to the most powerful Hashira to ever exist: Yoriichi, the Sun Breather. Later it is revealed that he is an ancestor of the Mist Hashira and his brother. He has managed to transcend death with his powers, and, like his brother, he also invented his own breathing style: Moon Breathing- this enhanced with his demon art, allowed him to create crescent moon blades that varied in length and size, thus displaying one of the most powerful combat styles ever displayed in the series. It is seen that Kokushibo uses his swordsmanship and breathing style techniques more than the supernatural Blood Demon Art. He has the ability to see the “Transparent World” with his 3 pairs of eyes, often being able to see muscles blood flow and even skill levels with one look at his opponents. As a human, he was a man who deeply feared death and bore a deep grudge towards his younger brother, dueling him even when Yoriichi was 80 and not as strong as he once used to be. Towards his death, Kokushibo laments his life choices and even breaks down crying in the midst of fighting the demon slayers when he remembers a flashback of his brother showing how deeply he loves him.

2. Doma

Who Is Doma in Demon Slayer? The New Upper Moon Demon Explained

He is the antagonist in the Red Light District Arc and Dimensional Infinity Fortress Arc. Doma is the leader of the Eternal Paradise Cult and he is the killer of Inosuke’s mother, and Kanae Kocho, sister of Insect Hashira. He is revealed to be psychopathic and ruthless who pretends to be friendly on the outside, and spends his days devouring only women in brothels particularly. Doma’s main demon power involves cryokinesis. He can generate ice and frost from his own flesh and manipulate it according to his will. He also has the ability to perform biological absorption where he absorbs human bodies without eating them directly. He resembles Muzan’s mentality the most and has his own grotesque sense of the ideal reality. Like all other demons, he himself has his own ugly past: his mother kills his father before killing herself and this resulted him becoming emotionally dead. It is said that he had feelings for Inosuke’s mother who was in an abusive relationship with her husband and thus kept her alive, only until she discovers his real identity.

3. Akaza

Why is Akaza the most tragic character in Demon Slayer? - MediaScrolls

Killer of the Fire Hashira, Rengoku, he is the secondary antagonist in the Mugen Train arc. Akaza is a bloodthirsty competitive fighter who loathes the weak, and is also seen to be hostile towards Kokushibo and Doma. He has one special rule: he never devours any women in spite of knowing that eating women will only make him more strong. As a human, he dearly loved his father who was sick a lot and Akaza paid for his medicine by committing a lot of thefts. After his father’s passing, he is taken in by a dojo owner, Keizo and he starts to live with them and takes care of the sick daughter, Koyuki. Some years later, he is engaged to her but his happiness is short-lived as he comes home to find both his wife and father-in-law dead, sending him in a furious rampage where he kills almost 67 people with his bare hands to the point that their corpses are almost unrecognizable. This is when he comes under the attention of Muzan and becomes a demon. He fights Giyu and Tanjiro to his death in the Infinity Fortress arc but not before recalling his past human memories and killing himself as an act of remorse, only to be reunited finally with his loved ones.

4. Hantengu

Hantengu | Wiki | Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Amino

He is the main antagonist of the Swordsmith Villiage Arc. This is the only Upper Moon who is nothing but an embodiment of fear and cowardice. Even as a human, it is said that he kept using excuses to run away from his own crimes, like murder and theft. Hantengu is one of the few demons who retained his human traits even after being converted into a demon, while obviously remaining cruel and tyrannical. His abilities include using Blood Demon Art to create four clones of himself, that are equally powerful. His Blood Demon Art allows him to perform aerokinesis where he can manipulate wind to such an extent that it will leave giant craters through forests. He can also manipulate flesh and size, besides being able to perform biological absorption and generate lightning bolts.

5. Gyokko

Gyokko | Wiki | Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Amino

He is the secondary antagonist of Swordsmith Village Arc, alongside Hantengu. As a child, he lost his parents in a drowning incident but much like Doma, he was a psychopath for he found it to be very fascinating and beautiful when he saw their bodies. He gets killed by a child’s parents after they find out that he murdered their child, and is left to die until Muzan finds him and turns him into a demon. He specifically devours children and modifies their body to his own liking. As a demon, he can summon fish-like demons that are reminiscent of Junji Ito’s fish monsters. He also happens to be one of Muzan’s favourites as he admires the pots that Gyokko makes. He is the only Upper Moon who gets slain by a single Hashira, in one fight.

6. Daki and Gyutaro

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Probably the only ones with the most tragic backstory, these two siblings are the main antagonists in the Entertainment District Arc and the first to get slain by Uzui, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke. The siblings are very close and dearly love each other, both as humans and as demons. Born to a geisha, Daki’s mother was mentally unstable and suicidal with her brother protecting her at all times from everything. When she grew up, due to her beauty she was easily able to get a job in the entertainment district and gave the siblings hope that their living condition would become better. One day, a potential suitor made fun of Gyutaro in front of Daki, causing her to poke his eye out and in turn, she was cast out on the streets, barely alive, after being severely beaten and burned alive. When Gyutaro discovered her in that state, he became hysterical. The manager of the brothel and the man that Daki blinded came again and tried to kill them but were instead murdered by Gyutaro. Gyutaro ran around the village carrying his sister’s charred body, asking and begging for help, only to collapse from his wounds and exhaustion until they were discovered by Doma and turned into demons. As a demon, Daki is a favourite of Muzan, because of her thirst to kill Hashiras. She uses Blood Demon Art to make her obi lethal as she manipulates it to kill her victims. She is immune to decapitation because of her brother sleeping inside her body’s core, thus sharing a deep psychic connection with him enhancing both of their abilities at the same time. She can perform sash manipulation with her own flesh making them as sharp as blades and whenever she stumbles upon a beautiful human, she stores them inside her flesh sashes, transforming them into 2-dimensional beings. Gyutaro, on the other hand, deeply envies anybody that leads a better life than him and slaughters them. He has enhanced regeneration capabilities which makes the siblings immune to decapitation. He uses Flesh Sickles along with his Blood Demon Art to increase his effectiveness in battle. It is only when both of their heads are chopped at the same time that they finally succumb to their deaths.


Muzan eventually decides to dismantle the Lower Ranks completely sparing only Lower Rank 1: Enmu who is given a chance to promote himself by bringing him the head of Tanjiro Kamado. But with his eventual death in Mugen Train Arc, the Lower Ranks get permanently disbanded with all their members dead. The Upper Ranks also at the end of the series get disbanded, having been killed by the Hashiras themselves.

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