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Elfen Lied – Masterpiece or just Controversy?

Arguably one of the most controversial anime out there, is Elfen Lied. I watched it all in as usual, one sitting. Yup, I’m one of those hardcore binge-watching Otaku that are decreasing in number by the day. C’mon, are you even a real Otaku if you don’t binge watch anime?
Anyways, about this Anime – After watching it, I’m not really sure why is it so controversial. I mean, is it because of the somewhat blatant nudity here and there? Or that mini harem thing with the main lead? Isn’t that the case with an unnecessarily large number of anime out there? Or is it the reckless way of showing how weak Life really is? If you ask me, it doesn’t matter if the Story that has all these things holds up all the other Characters and Elements this good.

Elfen Lied
Elfen Lied

Animation – 7/10

The Anime itself is somewhat old and so is the Animation. It’s not really all that much to complain about though. It’s neither too great nor unwatchable. It doesn’t affect the Anime that much and doesn’t distract the watcher from the story.

Music – 9/10

Music. That’s exactly what the theme song Lilium is. It’s a melody that’ll make you rethink all those questions that popped up in your mind while watching the Anime.
Like the story of Kaneki flashes before me whenever I hear Unravel, Elfen Lied flashes before my eyes whenever I hear Lilium. It doesn’t happen with every Anime song.

Story – 9/10

The story-line of Elfen Lied is centered around (and targets) Humanity, its nature, values, and stereotypes. This Anime makes you rethink some of the important definitions you’ve been taught since you were born. Some of the really important ones like “Good”, “Bad”, “Right”, and “Wrong”. It makes you see how fragile, delusional, and self-centered Human values and definitions are.
What if you were taken away from your parents the moment you were born and kept in an isolated location, being taught absolutely nothing about the rest of the world, how would you turn out to be? Would you destroy the world when you’d come out of that place? Or would you want to go back to that place again, away from the world? Would you be able to survive? Would you be able to Live?
There are many such questions that you’ll feel pop up in your mind when you watch Elfen Lied.
Also, if something is trying to give you such a… deep and important message and you’re hung up of stuff like some mild nudity then that speaks a lot about your mental age and state (yes, I can be really toxic).

Characters – 7/10

The Characters of the Anime are rather well built and have adequately strong foundation to not bother the Watcher. Although I do believe the characters other than the main leads could’ve a better foundation, even when what they have is enough.


If you call yourself an Otaku and haven’t watched Elfen Lied yet, better do it soon. It’s one of those things that you’d rather not be missing out on. So instead of watching repetitive Isekai Anime like me, watch something that’s actually worth it.

The Answer

The Anime, Elfen Lied, is definitely closer to being a Masterpiece than just a piece of Costroversy. Watch it, and rejoice in the mystical sadness while the melancholy melody of Lilium plays out in the background. You won’t regret it if you can handle a bit of blood.

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